The counseling or therapeutic approach is an invitation to explore concerns in a safe environment that offers acceptance, radical empathy, attuned listening and supportive feedback.  If we get the chance to work together, I think you will notice my capacity to move fluidly with you in and out of deep emotional territories, bringing presence, creative processes and attention to places often held with judgment and shame, providing support for the feelings or things that are often not spoken and passed over in silence, emerging from the background as symptoms - depression, anxiety, loneliness, addiction or pain.  We work collaboratively to understand influences from the past, to uncover hidden or denied aspects of self and to identify strengths and resources that can provide solutions for existing concerns.  We lean into the challenging terrain of deepening trust in self and others and cultivate awareness in how problems are supported and maintained, opening room for subtle shifts, for choice and responsibility, for healing.  Therapy is a courageous choice to open to meaningful support, to let yourself matter, to be responsive to dormant yearnings, to move into a more accepting and nourishing relationship with oneself and the world, and to awaken to the beautiful possibilities of an authentic life.  I look forward to connecting and being a human resource in your journey.