Hi.  My name is Logan Lamprecht.  It feels important to help you see me on levels both personal and professional, since relationships have a lot to do with seeing and being seen.  If we get the chance to meet, I imagine we will learn more about each other.  I think you will notice that who I am in my personal life is very much who I am in the counselor seat, although I recognize my role shifts due to the nature of a helping relationship.  Being congruent is important to me because I think it is a condition for trustworthiness.  So, an abbreviated me:  (a) my life partner and I recently made the decision to make the exodus back to Idaho after spending over a decade in Cleveland, Ohio for school, work and living - Idaho means family, blue skies, and access to mountains, all of which we missed; but Cleveland will always hold pieces of us; (b) I am a father of four wonderful humans - a growing and beautiful journey; (c) Miscellaneously, sources of self-nourishment include living closely with my natural surroundings, authentic relationships, swimming and running, growing a garden with my children, cheering my wife on in her pursuits, writing in homemade journals, gluten free baking, music that makes me feel, laughter, making creative choices, accepting new challenges, meditation, slowing down and writing letters to clients and dear friends.  



Professionally, I am an independently Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC 6784) in the state of Idaho.  I obtained my Master's in Counseling (Marriage, Couple and Family) from Idaho State University and then completed doctoral studies at Kent State University (Ohio), where I received a Ph.D., in Counselor Education and Supervision with an Advanced Psychotherapy Training Certificate from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in Body Process and Group Work.  For several years, I taught in the graduate level counseling program at Cleveland State University and regularly facilitated personal growth workshops as an associate faculty at the Gestalt Institute for professionals and clinicians.  While my approach is highly responsive to the emotional and mental health needs and cultural background of the client(s), my primary therapeutic orientation draws from gestalt, existential, feminism and mindfulness practices.  I also incorporate cognitive based frameworks, creativity, and natural landscapes in order to facilitate client growth in a holistic manner.  Working in private and community practice for over a decade in the Cleveland, Ohio area, I bring a unique background of experience with diverse client populations, including adolescents, college-age individuals, adults, couples and families, groups and LGBTQQIA clients.  Expertise with specific concerns includes:  (a) healing from sexual and/or other interpersonal traumas and shame work, (b) complicated grief and loss, (c) relationship concerns, (d) depression and anxiety, (e) personality disorders, (f) transition challenges, (g) spiritual and/or religious crises, (h) aging and disabilities, (i) concerns unique to adolescence and young adulthood, (j) gender variant and/or transgender related challenges, (k) gender specific issues, (l) self-acceptance and healthy self-esteem, (m) healing from addictions and unhealthy attachments, (n) chronic pain issues, (o) suicidality and/or end of life questions, and other existential concerns of living, including becoming  "un-stuck" and experiencing deeper meaning in one's life.